Our site rules look to strike the balance between being fair and inclusive whilst keeping things safe and balanced:

Gun Rules:

  • 500 fps limit on Bolt Actions
  • 425 fps limit on mechanically locked to single shot DMRs
  • 350 fps limit on all other weapons
  • (All FPS limits as tested on our chrono with a 0.2g BB)
  • Minimum engagement distance for DMRs & Bolt Action – 20 metres
  • Minimum engagement distance for Full Auto Fire – 5 metres

Age Limits:

  • 16 + can play without supervision
  • 13 to 15 can play ALONGSIDE a parent or guardian (18+) only
  • 12 and under cannot play
  • 15 and under must wear full face protection (full mask or glasses with lower mask)

Attendance Options:

  • Walk On Players pay on the day.
  • Hire Players must pre-book online.
  • All pre-bookings made online are DEPOSITS ONLY.  A balance is due per person on the day (in cash) – as detailed when you book.
  • Lunch Deal can only be purchased on the day at SIGN IN.

Last updated: 23 December 2016