We’ve been absorbing pyro supply cost increases for an extended period of time and we’ve unfortunately reached the point where we have to update our pricing. Effective immediately our pricing is as follows: MK5 Thunderflash Grenade – £3 Thermobaric Grenade – £4 We will no longer regularly stock: Tennis Ball Grenades We […]

Pyro Pricing Changes

We’ve been refreshing our core hire gun stock, meaning if you attend a regular game day as a hire player, you will get a shiny new hire rifle! We are now using AK Beta Spetnaz rifles, based on a shortened AK47 platform. These little beauties have a full stock meaning […]

Hire Gun Refresh

We asked you all to vote on what improvement you wanted us to implement over the winter shut down and the winning vote was to make it possible to use pyro in the stairwells – which we have implemented! We also asked you to give us any other feedback and […]

Your feedback

Its been an early start for us at The Depot this year, with our customers voting on the improvement they want to see most and the decision was to be able to use pyro on the stairwells. To make this possible we’ve boxed in the open banisters to reduce the […]

January 2016 Changes

At The Depot we need to strike the balance between what is fair and what is safe – and this means we have some restrictions that you might not have at Woodland sites.  There are a number of reasons for this, the main one being engagement distances – in woodland […]

Restricted Items

The Depot is operated by Nomad Scotland – and to give you the option on a Christmas gift that you’ll never forget we now offer gift cards from £10 to £100 via the main Nomad Scotland website. These are valid both online and onsite and can be bought for any […]

Gift Cards Available