Site Rules

The Depot Safety & Game Play Rules (Version 2.12, last updated 13th June 2016)

  • Age Restrictions (full details) 
    • Under 18 require full face protection and parental permission
    • Under 16 require full face protection, in-game supervision and parental permission
    • Under 13 cannot play at The Depot
    • Click here to read full details and to download the permission form for under 18 players.
    • In all cases proof of age may be required, The Depot reserves the right to turn away players or enforce age restriction rules on players that cannot validate their age to our satisfaction.
    • It is your responsibility to prove to us, not for us to disprove!
  • H&S
    • In the event of a fire/emergency follow marshal instruction on “EVACUATE” instruction
    • Safezone – Mags out, barrels cleared and fire selectors to safe before you enter and eye protection on before you leave
    • Full face protection recommended for all, at your own risk if you chose otherwise
    • If you need first aid contact a marshal, carry medication top left pocket
    • Cease fire means stop exactly where you are and await further instruction
    • Do not adjust or shoot lighting, move cover or touch fire extinguishers
    • We recommend you do not run in the game zone, due to potentially slippery / wet floors and other trip hazards.
  • Big No Nos
    • Don’t be a d*ck! Just play the game.
    • 350 fps hard limit on 0.2g BB – hot guns found in game go home with their owners
    • Blind firing – must be able to see through both front and rear sights when firing
    • Cheat calling – issues? shout for a marshal, do not shout at other players
    • Abusive / threatening behaviour towards staff or players will not be tolerated
    • Power gaming including continuing firing after being hit
    • Overkill – it takes 1 or 2 rounds to kill a player.
    • Marshals word is final – disagree with a decision – seek out a site manager to discuss
    • Dead men don’t talk. Shout for medic or dead man coming through only. Includes radios.
    • Do not touch or move items that do not belong to you – BFGs, Impacts, Magazines, Guns etc.
  • Gameplay Rules
    • Single Shot Only. No full auto or burst fire.
    • If you are shot raise hand and shout Hit. This includes team kills.
    • If you are not behind hard cover, grenades that explode within 15ft count as a hit
    • For all pyro underarm throw only keep below knee height and short distances only.
    • Pyro over barricade/window OK ONLY if you can see exactly where it will land (clear floor)
    • No shooting or pyro over or through the banisters in the stairwells.
    • No BFGs, Impacts etc in the stairwells.  ONLY disposable pyro (eg Thunderflash & Thermobarics)
    • Knife kill – tap on shoulder ONLY, you MUST take the hit, quietly acknowledge
    • Surrender / “bang kill” – optional for both parties.
    • Ricochets do not count. Double check it isn’t someone behind you.
    • If the gun in your hands is hit it does not count. Shout gun hit and continue play.
    • No spawn killing, do so and you will be sent back to your regen.
    • If in doubt take the hit.
  • Restricted Items (full list of restrictions with reasons can be found here)
    • Lasers (any colour). BBs over 0.25g in weight.
    • For disposable pyro Mk5 or equivalent maximum
    • For BFG up to 9mm blank max permitted (NO 12 gauge)  NO MagFlash rounds.
    • No pyro on the stairs or into the stairwells (out of SW only)
  • Site Manager Approval required before using these items:
    • Any Training Knife / Tomahawk etc
    • Any Polarstar or HPA gun
    • Revolvers (note types that load by shell are NOT permitted)

For a guide to your first visit please see our Starting Out section.

Go Pro / Action Cameras can be used on site without restriction however we request that you share any clips you make with us on Facebook – as we love to see them!

If you believe your footage captures someone not following site rules we prefer that you provide that information to us to deal with, rather than posting it on the internet for comment.  We find this approach is much more effective and causes much less fuss!

We run standardised medic rules on most games.  The rules are enforced as follows:

Standard Medic rules Large