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Ukara Criteria

We can offer UKARA membership for 1 year at a time once you qualify to players aged 18 or over.  If you are younger there is no mechanism for you to be able to buy airsoft replicas.

Selling and Manufacturing realistic airsoft weapons is illegal in the UK due to the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.  In the final stages of the legislation the Home Office accepted that airsoft skirmishers (people like you and me who play the game regularly) could be seen to have a defence against the legislation.  Think of it as an “accepted reason” to defend why you need them and can be sold them, rather than a legal right or outright permission.

You can read a whole lot more in greater detail online but the outcome was that membership of an airsoft site (like us) with the necessary insurance in place (which we have) is seen as proof of having a defence. (I.E. allows retailers to sell to you.)

The UKARA scheme was set up by a number of airsoft retailers in the UK as a means to record and check who has a valid defence, and this is the one we subscribe to and register our members through.

Note: UKARA is a membership system and NOT a license.  There is no such thing as a license although many people will call it one.  Most UK Airsoft retailers are members of the scheme and accept UKARA membership as proof that you have a defence – they will then sell to you.

Download UKARA Form

Please note:

  • Do not complete the Player Site Membership Number or Site Name fields on the form – we will complete these.
  • If you do not bring adequate ID or the form then you we will not be able to help you.
  • Memberships are valid for 1 year – we will automatically renew if you have played with us within the last 3 months of your renewal due date.
  • UKARAs are issued and terminated at our discretion. Site membership is a privilege and not a right.