What is Airsoft?

What is airsoft?

Think of it as paintball, but without the paint!  Attendees are split into teams and shoot at each other whilst trying to meet pre-set objectives.

Does it hurt?

It does vary depending on where you get hit – but its safe to play!

How do the guns work?

There are different set ups (gas, electric and spring being the basic concepts) but they all do the same thing – which is fire 6mm hard plastic BBs at your opponents at ranges of up to 60-70 metres!

How do you know you are hit?

When you get hit you stick your hand up and shout hit, there will then be rules in the game that will tell you what to do – either wait for a medic (who will tag you back in) or go back to a re-gen point (where you are allowed to come back into play from.)

Whats so cool about airsoft?

The weapons don’t look like paintball guns – they are full replicas – so they look and feel the part – in fact several armed forces and police forces around the world use airsoft guns as a cheap and safe way to train!

How do I get involved?

Well first things first – you can’t just go out an buy an airsoft gun – plus you need to aware – there are very cheap options on the marketplace that while they sound good – will not be competitive or usable in an airsoft game due to poor range and quality.

So can I hire equipment?

You betcha, we rent out fully automatic hire guns with high capacity magazines – so you don’t need to worry about anything but putting BBs back into the mag!  Don’t worry – we’ll offer you training on how to do all that!

Is it expensive?

It can be as expensive as you want to let it become.  You can buy a pump action shotgun and run around in a t-shirt and barely spend any cash.  Or you can go out and buy the most expensive rifle you can find, and buy special forces armour and uniforms (you will wave goodbye to thousands if you go to this extreme!)

Whats the best way to learn more?

We’ve included some awesome resources that can help the normal questions – check out out our Starting Out guide which goes into further detail.  You can watch videos online (not just of games at The Depot but throughout the country.)  These give you a better idea of how the game is played and what other players use and wear.

I still have questions!

If they are about CQB Airsoft at The Depot, Glasgow or our hire kit then Contact Us.  If its anything else we recommend searching for airsoft forums or airsoft facebook groups – there are plenty of both out there too many for us to make specific recommendations!